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Diversity of Minds – Knowing Better

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Effective collaboration asks for balanced contribution of everyone. Also, it requires a high degree of acceptance, that we do not know things better than others. The things we know are based on our own experiences and our own way of thinking. But, there is a limit to our experiences, which never allows a diversity of minds.

If others have deviating opinions, this is mainly because they have made their own experiences. They are never exactly the same as ours. Anyhow, if we consider that different experiences bring new perspectives and contribute to the robustness of decisions, we only can benefit from it.

Especially, when we work in domains, where we lack experience, we can be happy if we have others with us, which can support. In other situations the benefits of support is not always obvious to us. Whenever we think we are an expert for a topic, diverging opinions are seen as a conflict or even threat.

Ideally, we always remember the value of multiple experiences and opinions and consider them, when we take decisions. Diversity of minds is one of the highest goods, when we try to achieve great solutions.

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