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Trainings, Tools & Consulting for  Agile Project Portfolio Management  with Organizational Intelligence.

The Future  challenge  of project portfolio management

Sustainable Success becomes increasingly difficult

 IMPLEMENTATION  Weakness The complexity of projects continues to increase, while the ability of individuals to track successful implementation is limited.  INNOVATION  Backlog The urgently needed implementation of important innovation initiatives is inadequate due to persistent delivery bottlenecks.  Capacity  Shortage It’s becoming increasingly difficult to have the right skills at hand for getting planned work done.

You can do something  about  it

The ability to counteract arises from organizational intelligence

Organizational Capabilities

Increase adaptability and help to focus on next steps with an iterative way of working - scaled across an entire project organization - , which diminishes glitches.

Self-Organizing Teams

Motivate individuals - organized in close-knit teams - to develop solutions in a self-organized manner from a shared vision, which reduces management requirements.

Scaling Teamwork

Become intelligent in utilizing available resources and capacities, which increases flexibility in accomplishing tasks and supports staffing of new challenges, which again reduces bottlenecks.

doing the right things  and  doing the things right

Team-centric Agile Project Portfolio Management

The challenges of the future are well known. However, we are increasingly overwhelmed by the complexity of how to find solutions.

We are on the way to an age of organizational intelligence. Without teamwork and agile ways of working, soon nothing will work anymore in project portfolio management.

Organizational intelligence is the engine for smart solutions and committed employees.

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Developing Organizational intelligence

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Training employees at all levels of your company will help you to increase the overall organizational capabilities.

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PPM Software

Our intelligent tool for self-organized team and skill management connects people with needs and projects.

Project Portfolio Management Software

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PPM Consulting

Deep experience and (man)power fosters organizational intelligence in your company.

Competent Team for Agile Project Portfolio Management

we  know  How success Looks like

Our expertise

 Cross-Industry  Solutions – Automotive, software, retail, law firm, marketing/CRM, mechanical engineering, equipment manufacturing, medical technology, … the challenge of developing organizational intelligence is not limited to a specific industry. It can be seen as a cross-industry challenge. (read more)

 Practice-Approved  Know-How – We have been developers, engineers and managers in previous jobs. Even when being consultants, facilitators, and project managers today, we have been running teams, departments, and whole organizations in the past. (read more)

 Method-Agnostic  Approach – It is a greater war of beliefs about the right framework for the implementation of project portfolio management. In the area of agile methodologies it feels like a decisions for a framework is a decision for a new culture or a new life.

The Discrepancy in  reality 

Did you know...?

Relevance of Agile Methodologies in your company:

relevant 88%
not relevant 12%
relevant 98%
not relevant 2%

At the one hand side, more than 88% of all companies see an enormous relevance in working agile today and 98% pretend this to be in the future.

At the same hand side, we can see more than 80% of operational teams working agile today, but only 62% of the coordinating teams and even only 26% of the leadership teams.

Agile Methodologies in use today:

Operative Level
Teams 81%
Coordinative Level
Management 62%
Strategic Level
Leadership 26%


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