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Unleash the Power of Many

Organizational Intelligence Solutions

…because Organizational Intelligence requires technology

…because Organizational Intelligence is human interaction

Complexity Kills OrganiZational efficiency

The transformation of entire industries is accelerates, those who are unable to respond quickly will be left behind.

Your business performance needs to keep pace with competition and market evolution, but your organization’s effectiveness is stagnating. The need for cross-functional collaboration is on the rise, but the complexity of coordination is exploding and is a barrier to organizational optimization.

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The organizations that will truly excel in the future
will be the organizations that discover
how to tap people's commitment and capacity
to learn at all levels in an organization.

MakE Your "Swarm" Smart

Holistic collaboration around business needs creates a high level of organizational intelligence. Your people can handle the demands of extensive coordination when they are empowered to make informed decisions.

Data-driven organizations create people-centric working models and promote a smart use of capacity and skills. It is the foundation for self-coordination and becomes your business saver.

Organisation von Mitarbeiter in einem skalierenden Agilen System


How to effectively overcome the individual behavior of the participants in a large organization

Unity in the Overall Goals

Goals give direction to the people in an organization. They drive motivation and are a source of commitment to achieving something great. But it is only when everyone is working toward the same goals that something truly powerful happens.

Clear Communication and Cooperation

Effective collaboration starts with clarifying who is working with whom on what issues. Avoiding false assumptions is a key challenge to clear communication across the organization.

Effective Decision-Making Processes

High reactivity and responsiveness comes from the ability to make informed decisions in a timely manner. It requires guidance on what decisions can be made by whom and direct access to the decision makers.

Transparency over Activities and Opportunities

Focus is one of the key aspects of effective work. To avoid disruptions, everyone needs to be clear about what is going on in the organization. Likewise, people need to be able to move on to new opportunities when they are done with a task.

Technology for a Data-Driven Organization

When people need to be proactive and make informed decisions, information overload and diffusion are major problems. Technology is the key to structured information that can be maintained and used effectively by everyone.

Free Access to Knowledge from Open Structures

Swarm intelligence substantially benefits from experience, knowledge, and contributions of many others. Open access to knowledge is a critical aspect of organizational intelligence and must be granted to everyone in the organization.

IndustrY AGnostic Relevance

Our Organizational Intelligence Solutions have been developed in project covering a huge variety of industries: 

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency


organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency


organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency


organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency


organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency


How to gain A Competitive Advantage


Similar like Artificial Intelligence – AI – is changing the way we look at work, Organizational Intelligence – OI – is changing the way we look at collaboration and tools.

From our extensive project experience we have distilled five stages for implementing organizational intelligence, where human interaction and technology have to work hand-in-hand:


Browsable Projects, Teams, and People Directory

validate understanding from analysis  >>>

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency

1 - The Big Picture

Gain visibility into the activities, teams, and people in your organization that drive future business success.

 Ensure the existence of a foundation for critical thinking and reasonable content argumentation.

Organizational Analysis & Intelligence Surveys

<<<  feed the organization into our software

Sophisticated Role and Skill Management Features

address gaps in workshops  >>>

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency

2 - Clean Responsibilities

Address the responsibilities properly via roles covering all needs and start to remove gaps.

Let your people know where to go for information, support and decisions.

Role Models with Stakeholder & Skill Mapping

<<<  capture roles and skills in our software

Organization Builder with Capacity Management

use organizational structures for continuous reviews  >>>

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency

3 - Connecting the dots

Connect your activities and teams across all levels to create vertical and horizontal relationships.

Create the basis for optimizing a network of relations relevant for coordination and decisioning.

Organization Development (Projects vs. Services) / Big Room Planning

<<<  maintain structures and plans in our software

Organizational Dashboard with Team and Project Insights

plus OKR-Management

validate effectiveness of the organization  >>>

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency

4 - VisualizE the Road to Success

Continuously show what your organization wants to accomplish and what is still missing to get there.

Encourage reflection and learning from experience, supported by meaningful insights.

KPI Development & Reporting Infrastructure

<<<  enhance with data from our software

Needs Management & Communication Plans

feed into agile ceremonies  >>>

organizational intelligence solutions,organisational intelligence,power of many,organizational efficiency

5 - Organizational Agility

Establish small iterations and synchronization points for business alignment and reviews.

Empower your workforce to continuously adapt to internal and external demands.

Transformation Roadmaps & Agile Coaching

<<<  use our software for transformations

plus: Custom Integrations and Extensions for our Software

tailor our software to your individual needs

plus: Co-Working and Supervision

address skill and capacity gaps in your organization

LEAPFROQ - create together - est. 2021
LEAPFROQ Maskottchen: Lachender Frosch

We help you to leap


exclusively designed for exceptional organizational intelligence

We deliver effective data-driven project and team coordination in scaled environments. Our software is the missing link for transforming large scale hierarchical organizations into high-performing, self-coordinating matrix or network organizations.


Key Features:

People, Team, and Project Inventories

full access to your whole organization

Role Catalogue & Responsibility Management

with tasks and required skills

Skill/Talent Management

incl. skill levels, certificates and interests

Organization Builder

people, teams, and projects connected via flexible line and leadership relations

Capacity Management

for management of "split-heads" with tasks in multiple teams

Dynamic Organization Charts

with different views for hierarchy or network analysis

Organizational Dashbards

insights on people, team, and project structures

Need Management for Teams and Projects

teams and people organize around the needs in the organization

Simple User Interface

start right away without extra trainings or education

Open Structures

free access for all people in your organization

LEAGUE OF TEAMS - All Talents In.
League of Teams
make a start today and check out our demo instances or build your own organization


educated governance tailored to your people and projects

We make things work instead of reinventing the wheel. Based on our experience we use the popularity of Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and Agile Frameworks (SAFe, LeSS, …) and extend them by proven concepts for superior organizational intelligence..

Key Services:


outside view on your organization derived from existing information and interviews

Educational Workshops

reasoning and training for organizational intelligence concepts (train the trainer)

Solution Workshops

concepts and moderation of workshops for collaborative solutions

Big Room Plannings

approach and execution of planning events with a multitude of teams (onsite and remote)

Agile Coaching

Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS

Transformation Management

planning and steering of transformation projects

Leadership Coaching

best practices and tricks for experiencecd as well as new leaders (training on the job)

Tool Expertise

Jira, Confluence

Agile Project Management

experienced management of Agile projects and programms (bringing them back on track)

Programme Management

adding structure and discipline to your programme (but also fun)

LEAPFROQ Maskottchen: Lachender Frosch

engage us for governance, support, and the implementation of Organizational Intelligence Solutions

They always say that time changes everything, but actually you have to change it yourself.

Small footprint, Large Network

Harald Dietrich - LEAPFROQ - Agile Skalierung

LEAPFROQ has been founded in 2021 and transferred into a GmbH in Aug 2022.

Founder and Managing Director Harald Dietrich is the head behind the company.

Even though being a young and dynamic company, which is still about to grow as the market demands are increasing, we bring a lot of experience in the field of working Agile and scaling organizations. We have been working in a variety of industries and have proven our abilities to drive change and make a difference in a multitude of projects even before LEAPFROQ has been founded.

Due to a wide network of experienced freelancers (10 years plus professional expertise) and partner agencies, which are ready to address a wide range of applications and provide required capacities, we are here to scale and even addresss needs from large organizations.

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