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Daily Routine – The Agile Mastery Challenge

What makes up a great scrum master? Test yourself and take a close look how you or your team is perceiving the daily routine.

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Stacey Matrix – adapted to software development

“The Stacey Matrix was developed to help managers determine the complexity of their environment and adapt their style of decision-making. For software development, the Matrix is often plotted along different axes; ‘Requirements’ and ‘Implementation’ (or ‘Technology’). The former is determined

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A Dictionary of Agile Language (updated)

The importance of language is inevitable. Finding the right wording, which is expressing exactly what we want to say from a context point of view, but also from a emotional point of view. The agile development space is an area

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Visualizing Product Development Work

“Whenever you’re thinking high level, someone will bring you down to earth and ask you to get into the weeds. Whenever you’re in the weeds, someone will complain that you’re not being high level enough. It’s the burden we bear.

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