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Successful Projects made by  empowered  teams.

Innovative  Project Portfolio Management Software  with Capabilities and Teamwork in the center.

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LEAGUE OF TEAMS: Perfektes Team Management zur Selbstorganisation
LEAGUE OF TEAMS - All Talents In.

ANALYSE the Organization

Meaningful reports on the structure of your organization provide insights into the current status and open the view for the optimization of structures for more successful projects.

Visualize the collaboration

Dynamic organizational charts provide you with an overview of interrelationships in the company - far beyond the traditional line organization.

Enable Self-Organization

Simple administrative structures invite employees to actively shape and open up the controlled step into far-reaching self-organization and optimization in the company.

Free  Team-centric  project portfolio management software

Free Project Portfolio Management Software

The standard access for LEAGUE OF TEAMS comes with a wide set of core features:

Team Management

  • Team Profiles / Purpose
  • Employee Profiles / Team Memberships
  • Leadership Classification
  • Multi-Location Management
  • Supplier / Freelancer Tracking
  • Workgroups and Communities

Organization Browser

  • Dynamic Organization Charts
  • Custom Views from Filters
  • Influence / Dependency Mapping
  • Project Distribution (Color Mapping)

Power Search

  • Wildcard Search
  • Filter by Everything
  • Intelligent Result Browser

Project/Service Portfolio

  • Projects / Programm / Service Anatomy
  • Project Teams
  • Leadership
  • Budgets
  • incl. Internal Projects & Shared Services

Skill Management

  • Employee Skills
  • Team Capacities
  • Skill Requirements (per Team / Project)
  • Training Plans
  • Personal Interests

PPM Insights

  • Team / Project Organization KPIs
  • Project Portfolio & Pipeline
  • Customizable Dashboard

For  Extended  PPM Coordination needs

Power Add-Ons

LEAGUE OF TEAMS Power Add-On licenses give acess to advanced planning, coordination, and steering capabilities:

Capacity Management

  • Absences / Holiday Plans
  • Employee Utilization
  • (Internal) Job Board
  • On-/Off-Boarding
  • Cost-Calculation

Projekt Portfolio Tracking

  • Progress Visualization
  • Budget Utilization
  • Planning / Review Checkpoints
  • Business Reporting / Controlling

Communication HUB

  • Communication Plans
  • Centralized Access to Communication Channels
  • Synchronization

People/Team Development

  • Training Proposals
  • Team Stage Evaluation (Tuckman)
  • Skill Rating

Employee Engagement

  • Employee Surveys
  • Flags
  • Recognition System (Kudos)

Project Portfolio Health

  • Performance KPIs
  • Organization Validation
  • Pro-Activeness-Rating
LEAGUE OF TEAMS - All Talents In.

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Agile is of superior relevance for  Success 

Did you know...?

“The most agile companies in an industry are on average 2.7 times more successful than their peer group. This confirms: Agility gives companies a significant competitive advantage and is a crucial factor for being successful in a dynamic and digitized market environment.


A company’s agile actions thus involve more than quick ad hoc reactions. Agility contributes to success above all when it encompasses all design dimensions of the company: from purpose and strategy to collaboration and operational activities to structures as well as leadership behavior and employees.”

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