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Project Portfolio Management Services

Improvement initiatives suffer from local optimizations focussing on the implementation (WHAT) or generic strategies (WHY) without grip in the organization. Our core business is the coordination (HOW), where we set the fundament for organizational intelligence. Anyhow, we do not forget about implementation and startegy, as it has to come together in an wholstic approach to be successful.

Level 1: Implementation

We offer excellent project management skills, which help you to stabilize dysfunctional projects or simple provide a backup for capacity bottlenecks.

Level 2: Coordination

We establish structures, procedure, and principles together with you and your project organization, which help you to balance needs and capabilities in an intelligent way.

Level 3: Strategy

We analyze the organization, pick up the most relevant topics and make them reasonable and approachable, as we tell everyone in an organization where you are going.

 each and every  client has specific challenges

independant of industries

Every industry comes with it’s own challenges. With the ongoing globalization and digitalization the boundaries start to vanish. Challenges specific to a certain industry start to become relevant in other industries. The second key challenge besides domain specific know-how is the ability to cope with complexity. We are working with clients across many domains. You benefit from a broad overview on challenges and working solutions.


New Technologies, XXL Projects


Continuous Integration


Category Knowledge

mechanical engineering


Law Firm

Digitalization, Decentralized Structures

Marketing / CRM

Delivery Frequency, Modularization, Content to Data

medical technology

Regulatory Constraints


Agile Transformation

We put  Teamwork & Agility  in the center of our Project Portfolio management services

Service Catalogue


Product/Projects Anatomy
Project Refinement Process
Pipeline Management
Shared Services (Quality)


Multi-Project Synchronization
Issues & Risk Management
Progress Tracking
Product Development Process


Agile Budgetting
Investment Strategy


Employee Utilization
Staffing Strategy
Functional Units
Supplier Management


Roles and Responsibilities
Team Management
Flow Analysis (Value Streams)
Leadership (Product/Performance)


Development Plans

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