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Together is our
 Mindset .

Principles and Practices of how we  Work Together  to form a unique Project Portfolio Management Mindset.

This is Our  Company 

Project Portfolio Management Meets  Agile 

Our mission: Project portfolio management for the future. We innovate the way multi-project environments are managed and help our customers achieve competitive advantage and sustainable success.

With plenty of real-world experience, innovative tools and creative thinking, LEAPFROQ develops Project Portfolio Management environments based on outstanding organizational intelligence. With a wholistic approach we are addressing needs for knowledge transfer, adequate tools, and intellectual and operational capacities. Concrete implementations remain specific to our customers and are tailored to work for all industries.

LEAPFROQ is the place where Agile Ways of Working and Project Portfolio Management finally works together.

The  leader  of the pack

Scaling  Practice  for a unique project portfolio management mindset

“Hi, my name Harald. I am the CEO and Founder of LEAPFROQ. For more than 20 years I worked in software engineering and agile ways of working at scale before I decided to first start my own business and then found this company in 2021.

As head of this company I am constantly seeking to foster our reputation and grow the business by extending our team and our service into a full-service solution provider.

With links into many different industries we become independant of specific approaches while gradually increasing the quality of services. It is possible due to sustainable collaborations with various partners and growing internal expertise.

I value that the people in our team are working opportunity driven. We want to give a lot of freedom to our employees to shape the future of work in a many directions as possible, while maintaining a special framing, which keeps us together – LEAPFROQ.”

We stand up for our  values 

drivers for our engagement 

We are  present  to be  energetic 

We are guided by feasibility and work with drive with all means currently available.

We are  Transparent  to be  credible 

We create transparency about our motivations and can explain our decisions.

We are  candid  to be  progressive 

We show respect for different views and ideas, but also courageously represent our own opinion.

We are  supportive  to be  Inclusive 

We promote community cohesion, including acceptance and appreciation of differences.

open  positions  for permanent employees and Freelancers

Become Part of our Team

We are continuously looking for people to upgrade our team as well as freelancers to enhance our network of collaborations.

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The traditional position of project manager is increasingly being replaced by Agile roles today. Despite this, many companies still rely on a classic Project Management Office (PMO). At LEAPFROQ, we want to take our customers where they are today. For this reason, we are looking for people who can enter project management with our customers and accompany them operationally in the first steps of a change process.

Detailed job description

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Send your application to

We have set out to shape the future of work. To do this, we are looking for committed people who really want to make a difference.

If you are looking for an exciting challenge in a unique environment, send us your resume and a short cover letter with your motivation and we will get back to you very soon to evaluate together the opportunities.

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A Guide to Building a  21st Century  Resilient Organization

About the future of work

The Institute for the Future (IFTF) has published a guide to help companies of all sizes leading their organizations into the digital age by taking a holistic and systematic look at the impact of new technologies on the future of work, organizations and IT leadership. It is based on a comprehensive study of trends and perceptions about the coming work environments in the 21st century.

Drivers of  Change 

Challenge us on the three most important new technologies that enable new ways of organizing.


People need novel forms of collaboration and work structuring beyond organizational and geographic boundaries.


Detailed information allows us to offer information and services that are highly personalized and responsive to individual needs and conditions.


Today, access to vast amounts of data and machine intelligence are enabling us to significantly increase the possibilities for emerging organizational structures.


we create together.


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